— April 2017 —

The city of Popes

You can visit the city quite quickly but if you get an audioguide in the Palace of the Popes, you dive back in a seven centuries old atmosphere. The history, the ancient alleys and the perched parks make Avignon a very interesting and fascinating city.

Canon EOS 600D

Colored door of a hair saloon in Avignon, France. Live music in the Place Pie in Avignon, France. Tour Saint Jean in Place Pie, Avignon. Decorations in a street of Avignon. Buttress on one side of the Palace of Popes, Avignon. Detail of the Palace of Popes, Avignon. Decoration of a spire on the Palace of Popes, Avignon. Views of Avignon, France. Avignon bridge. Kid in an alloy in Avignon, France.