— May 2017 —

At the feet of the Etna vulcano

A three day weekend was perfect to visit the beautiful streets of the Sicilian chief town. The main attractions are all reachable by foot, which allows you to enjoy the nice weather and the decadent atmoshere of the city.

Catania is lively, rich of history and has amazing food. After all, it seems like a crime not to eat well, here. The streets and the Baroque squares of the historical center have declared a World Heritage Site and, from now and then, you can continuously feel the presence of the magestic vulcano on the background, as if it was a obiquitous frame to this part of Sicily.

Canon 600D

The elephant sculpture in Piazza del Duomo, Catania. Oh my bbiiiird! Sant'Agata cathedral, Catania. Statue of Saint Agata, patroness of Catania. Blooming alley of Catania. The Scicilian cannolo. Increadible. Bellini Garden, Catania. Pagoda in Bellini Garden. Torso of... don't remember. Characteristic building in Catania. A market in the streets of Catania. What remains of the majestic entrance of the Roman Amphitheater of Catania. Decorational statue on the railing of the ruins of the Roman Theater of Catania. Roman Amphitheater, Catania. Street signs that point to a religious altar. View of the Etna and of Catania from the balcony on the dome of Sant'Agata Cathedral.


Three days were also enough to do a day trip to Taormina, a wonderful little city perched on the rocky seaside where you have a breathtaking view of the sea.

The narrow and tortuous streets are full of ancient temples, shops and tipical restaurants. But the main attraction is the Greek Theater, the second biggest after the one in Siracusa.

Panorama from the Greek Theater in Taormina, with the Etna on the background. Blurry dog ina garden in Taormina. Characteristic stariway in Taormina. Alcoholic indications in a local in Taormina. Aperitif and relax in Taormina.