— October 2017 —

A one week travel in China.

Me and two friends managed to stick a one week trip to China during the Halloween period. One of them lived there several years so he led us quickly to the hot spots. We got to see so many things in such a short period of time that the trip seemed actually much longer.

A really good part of having someone who lived there was that we didn't just see the touristic places, but we also hung out with people and in places that we would have never seen otherwise.

Canon 600D

The evening I took of from Italy there was this breathtaking sight from the flight. The first place we visited was the Yangshuo county, known for its dramatic karst mountain landscape. Tour boats offer cruises on the Li River past picturesque countryside from the town of Guilin to the north. People by ther river in Yangshuo, China. Chinese woman doing tipical craftwork with fabrics. Karst mountain landscape in the Yangshuo county, China. The fun part was touring the countryside with scooters. Me and my friends in a great panoramic spot in Yangshuo, China. Next stop was Beijing with it's temples. Tiananmen Square has a very awkward atmosphere, where many guards and cameras control every bit of it and dozens of metal detectors filter every door. Guards marching in Tienanmen Square, Beijing, China. A huge and colorful flower vase stands in front of the Forbiden City in Tiananmen Square. A Chinese guy in Tiananmen Square, China. A guard in front of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. Chinese kids playing inside the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. The Forbidden City seen from the Jingshan Park hill in Beijing, China. We spent a day visiting the Great Wall of China, which lies peacefully in the mountain countryside, an hour north of Beijing by car. The Great Wall of China. One Davide carrying the other Davide up the Great Wall of China. Walking the Great Wall of China is no easy walk! Last stop was Shanghai and it's modern finantial city. Night skyline of Shanghai, China.