— August 2017 —

A tea in the desert

Traveling in Morocco is fun but challenging. People are hospitable but also interested in earning something out of the tourist. The cities' "medina" take you back in time with mistical mazy alleys and an infinity of stray cats.

It's a very evocative country with lots of things to see. Curiousing aroung the Souqs and eating street food, listening to the call to pray five times a day by the muezzin and visiting the desert on the back of dromedaries. All of this always accompanied by a hot mint tea.

Canon 600D

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco. Jamaa el Fna square, Marrakesh, Morocco. Sahara desert, Merzouga, Morocco. Dromedary on the dunes of the Sahara, Morocco. Caravan in the Sahara desert. Sunset in the Sahara desert in Morocco. The medina of Fez, Morocco. Delicious honey snacks. Al-Attarine Madrasa, Fez, Morocco. Lady with the same color grade of her little blu town: Chefchaouen, Morocco.