— agosto 2016 —

Tropical tour

Three days before the departure for Thailand, my travel buddy breaks his shoulder. Fortunately we manage to depart anyway but he has to stick to the challange of travelling with an unconfortable arm tutor.

The first stip was, after a 36 hour trip through airplanes, busses and ships, to the famous Full Moon party on Koph Pangan island, a gigantic fluo party where thousands of young people from all over the world gather on a dream bay. After that we headed to Puket, Phi Phi Island, Chang Mai Bangkok and Lopburi.

Canon EOS 600D

Our private driver takes us on Bottle Beach, Koh Pangan, Thailand. Thai streetfood. Scooter ride on the hills of Puket, Thailand. Island close to Phi Phi Island, Thailandia. Busy Thai ladies. Monkey refreshing with a Coca-Cola on Monkey Island, Thailand. Thai panorama. Little girls dressed with typical clothings in Chang Mai, Thailand. Crazy Tuk Tuk riders in Bangkok, Thailand. Thai guy that drives us through the canals of Bankok, Thailand. The lady wants to sell us some stuff on the canals of Bangkok. Decadent houses on the canals of Bangkok, Thailand. Smiling guard at the entrance of the Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. Detail of the decorations on a temple in the Royal Palace in Bangkok. Thai statue. Monkey attack in Lopburi, Thailand. Prang Sam Yot Temple, Lopburi, Thailand. Buddha's head in the tree's roots in Wat Phra Mahatat, Ayutthaya, Thailand.